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Beat It – Kids, Don’t Be A Hero 别做什么“少年英雄”

Teen slashed to death at Downtown East
Teen slashed to death at Downtown East

I saw this series of disturbing pictures via omy.sg today. A 19-year-old boy, Darren Ng Wei Jie, was slashed to death in a gang fight at Downtown East yesterday.

You can read more about the incident via omy.sg or Straits Times.com.

The victim is said to be a third year at Republic Polytechnic. At this age, he has so much going for him in life. Now it’s all a blank.

The catalyst of the fight? A staring incident.

Goodness sake, the poor boy got himself killed because of staring? This is not the first such incident in Singapore.

Kids like to behave like heroes when they are in a group, emboldened by their peers. I was young before too, but I knew never to be a hero.

Kids, next time someone challenge you to a fight over some trivia issues, consider taking the the advice from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson – Beat It:

If you prefer a Hokkien version, this song,少年英雄, by Mark Lee (李国煌) shares the same advice:

China version of 少年英雄 with karaoke lyrics:

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Exposed: Friendster profiles of the 4 teens charged for recent Chinatown fatal attack

Via EDMW. Nowadays, when someone is involved with a crime or have his or her name splashed in the newspapers for all the wrong reasons, it is relatively easy to sniff out their online profile tucked somewhere in one of the many social networking sites.

Remember the fatal attack last week at the beginning of the new year? The senseless, unprovoked attack amid the Chinese New Year decorations in Chinatown has left one young man, Marcus Siah Wui Xiang, 19, dead and his family heartbroken. You can read the full story here via The Electric New Paper.

Four youths were charged for the crime (via Straits Times.com):

Jan 9, 2009
Chinatown murder
4 charged over fatal attack
By Elena Chong, Court Correspondent

FOUR young men were charged in court on Friday with the murder of a teen at a carpark last Saturday.

Liu Wing Sing, a Hongkonger, Joshua Leong Wei Jun, Kan Zhan Peng, all 19, and Lee Chang Feng, 21, are alleged to have caused the death of Mr Siah Wui Xiang, 18, at the carpark of People’s Park Centre, Havelock Square, at about 1.20am last Saturday.

They were arrested at their homes on Thursday morning, four days after Mr Siah and three friends were attacked on their way home.

Mr Siah was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery. He died on Wednesday.

He was a student of digital media at Institute of Technical Education (Bedok) and had been waiting for his examination results.

All four were remanded at Central police division.

They will be back on Friday.

If convicted, they face the mandatory death penalty.

All four of them have photos and profiles in social networking site, Friendster. Here are the photos of two of the  young men who were charged:

Boy A
Boy A
Boy B
Boy B

Don’t they look like any other ordinary teens whom you see along the streets? There’s nothing particularly menacing about them from their Friendster profiles. One of them even uploaded cutesy photos of himself posing together with his baby son. The only sign betraying an aggressive streak is where the same guy described himself as follows: “I’m a hot-tempered guy so don’t provoke me otherwise mishap happens,don’t blame me!”


What purpose did  the attack serve? The victim is dead and no amount of remorse or punishment to the perpetrators will bring him back. The four youths who are being charged face the mandatory death penalty if convicted; at the very least, they will have to spend a good portion of the rest of their lives behind bars.

For what?


Not happy with the other person’s face?

In the end,  the ones who are the worst off are their family and loved ones. My sympathy goes out to them. Let this be a lesson for other hot-headed teens out there – think twice before you act with aggression.

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