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Nokia N96

nokia n96

Nokia has unveiled its latest dual-slide Nokia N96 mobile phone as it’s flagship phone to represent it’s N Series. It’s claimed to be a “super multimedia computer” optimized for video and TV. To me, it looks like an iPhone that can slide in design.

Here’s an exaggerated viral video on youtube showcasing the phone and it’s many functions that support it’s claim as a super multimedia computer:

What do you think? Believable?

Here’s the official Nokia N Series website where you can get more information about the N96.

Key Features Of latest Nokia N96 Multimedia Computer:

* 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics
* High quality video on a stunning 2.8-inch QVGA (240×320 pixel) display (16.7 million colors)
* Built-in 16GB memory, extensible with card slot
* Live TV with DVB-H technology
* Great sound with built-in 3D stereo speakers
* Integrated A-GPS and Nokia Maps
* Program guide and interactive services

The phone is supposed to be launched in the third quarter of 2008. The retail price is set at 550 euro which is around S$1200. Quite steep – hence it better live up to it’s claim. 🙂

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How not to smudge your iPhone

phone fingers

Found this website selling phone fingers to prevent smudging on iPhones… Don’t know if it’s real or not, but I sincerely hope it’s not!

Please lah, a phone is a phone is a phone!

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Printing out Wikipedia onto Paper

Printing out wikipedia

How much paper will such a task require?

A guy called Nikola Smolenski did the calculation as below:

Size of English Wikipedia in October 2006. Today, it is around 70% larger. Using volumes 25cm high and 5cm thick (some 400 leaves), each page having two columns, each columns having 80 rows, and each row having 50 characters, ≈ 6MB per volume. As English Wikipedia has 4.4GB of text (October 2006) ≈ 750 volumes. Note that this is a conservative estimate, as it doesn’t include images, tables, templates etc. which probably take up more surface than the text which describes them.

Read more about it HERE.

750 volumes is just 30% of Wikipedia as of now and the size of Wikipedia is still constantly growing by the seconds. In addition, images and hyperlinks are not taken into consideration in this calculation.

Amazing how fast technology has advanced.

I still remember those clumsy thick-set volumes of encyclopedias lying around the house when I was in Secondary School.

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