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Thank you for voting Alvinology @ Noise Singapore

Thank you!
Thank you!

I am one of the three top voted design and won an iPod Nano!

To all readers, friends and family who help voted for my masthead design at the Noise Singapore Art & Design showcase – thank you very much for your vote and support. 🙂

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Noise Singapore: Cast your vote for Alvinology

Dive in!
Dive in!

I submitted the artwork I did for my blog masthead as a visual showcase under Noise Singapore some time back, for the fun of it.

Guess what? I received an email from the organiser saying that it has been selected as one of 120 works for public voting out of 7000 submissions. Not bad hor? 🙂

The other artworks showcased there are really great; but please go vote for me if you enjoy reading this blog k?

I am not very good at rallying votes… so if you can, please help me paste on your blog, facebook, MSN handler, etc and help me pull for votes too.

Thank you very much!

According to the organiser’s email,  prizes like iPod Nanos are waiting to be won by popular Noise artists and lucky voters – hence if you vote for me, you can stand to win something too.

Frankly speaking, I have not done any new artwork for quite awhile because of work commitment and other lifestyle changes. This Noise thing is actually a good platform to get my creative juices flowing and start picking my paper and pencil again.

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Collaborative Artwork with Marc Chen

My colleague and good friend, Marc, was tasked to create an illustration for one of the month for the SPH 2009 corporate calendar based on the quote below by Jack Welch:

“Celebration creates an atmosphere of recognition and positive energy”

This was not an easy job as the timeline given was very short, plus the quote kind of sounds cheesy… In any case, I did up a rough sketch below based on Marc’s concept of positive ions flying all over the place:

Below is the final artwork done by Marc. Cool stuff hor? He did magic to the magic sketch. 🙂

(Click on the images to see the enlarged views)

BTW, the last I heard from Marc, the feedback from management was to remove the mucus and the angle wings. I guess not everyone gets our kind of lame humour.

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Make your own Snowflake

This is fun!

Visit this website and make snowflake designs of your own. Here’s a “Alvinology Snowflake” I made:

alvinology snowflake

Upon completion of your design, you can even save the file in EPS format in its vector form – how cool is that? This means it can be recycled and used in your other design works in hi-resolution!

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Speak Good English

Poster to promote ‘Speak Good English’. I did it for a small cartoon drawing competition organised by one of the local community centres. A pencil sketch was done first and then completed in vector on Macromedia Freehand.

I didn’t win in the end, but I had fun doing this artwork ’cause I seldom draw this kind of kawaii stuff. Click on the image to enlarge.

Speak Good English poster

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