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Dive in!
Dive in!

Alvinology is a light-hearted blog maintained by a regular Singaporean dude called Alvin. His wife, Rachel, sometimes write guest posts on this blog too (Rachel used to work as a print journalist for my paper (English) and Straits Times Life! and has also worked as a news producer for Mediacorp Channel 8).

Like most Singaporeans, Alvin likes to travel and eat. Hence a large number of blog posts are devoted to these two topics. He also likes to read books, watch movies, check out the funny as well as chee ko pek issues online.

The content is mainly random, ranging from things Alvin experiences to web gossip – basically anything that catches his attention.

Alvin tries his best to update this blog daily and has so far managed to do so most of the time. During periods when he is away (reservist, holidays, etc), archived entries will still be scheduled for publication.

It is important to note that Alvin does not have vested interest in anything or any organisation.

Oh… and finally, for those of you curious about the picture of the tanned guy in the blog masthead (see above) – Alvin drew it. You can read more about his artwork HERE.

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