Getting married in less than 6 hours

The exact time of my solemnisation is at 5.50am, 2 Feb, 2010. Venue – on board Jetstar’s plane, 3K 823 at Changi Airport, Terminal 1.

I have to leave my home at 3am. I am still wide awake now at almost 1am. Doubt I will get to sleep already. I hope I don’t look like a panda later.

Anyway, the focus will be on  the lady, Rachel, not me. She took leave from work to spend the whole day pampering herself at spa, hair salon, etc. She slept early too. Hence she have no excuse to look shabby. :p

Rachel and I will be staying in Shantou will our family till 6 Feb (this Sat). I wanted to clear some back log blog entries and schedule them to publish during the few days I am away. Don’t think I have time for that now, sorry.

I will update again once I am back in Singapore. If I can get hold of Internet access in Shantou, will definitely post something online.

Back to packing. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Getting married in less than 6 hours”

  1. Hey Alvin!

    I saw you on TV (Channel 5 news)…can’t believe I am getting updates about you via traditional media (I feel like a dinosaur!).

    Anyway, congrats!! Have fun in Shantou =)


  2. Omg Alvin! I saw the news article on yahoo about your marriage! Hahah hope you still remember me anyway and congrats to you and Rachel!!! 🙂

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