How to cancel your Pioneer magazine subscription

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No Thanks.

Via EDMW. Just go to this URL, fill in your particulars; type in some reasons, such as: you prefer reading the cyber version to save the Earth or your family is receiving duplicate copies; request to unsubscribe; then click SUBMIT. That’s it. Alternatively, you can also email them directly @

Here’s a template:

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I would like to unsubscribe and stop receiving Pioneer magazine in my mailbox as I prefer reading the online version for environmental reasons.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,


I cancelled mine once I ORDed years ago.

Frankly, the magazine is a waste of paper and money. Help spread the word along to save the Earth as I believe most people will just chuck their Pioneer magazine straight into the waste paper bin without even tearing open the plastic wrapper.

Subscription is forced for all NSF at 40 cents per issue (if not I would have cancelled it immediately after getting my first issue). It’s cheap, but  it’s still money. Not cancelling it will be wasteful as I am not interested in reading news about SAF. Moreover, there’s the online version (slightly different) which is better for the environment if  you really want to read.

The Singapore government is moving towards an advanced e-government model, encouraging Singaporeans to do more government transactions and queries online. Why is the SAF always a few steps behind?

At the very least, the cost of the magazine should be absorbed by SAF, given that NS and reservist are national obligations for Singapore males who are rendering a service for the nation.

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32 thoughts on “How to cancel your Pioneer magazine subscription”

  1. I tried to cancel mine long time ago. Not successful. Finally another chance at it! Did not even read your whole posting as I click on the link that you have given at ONCE! THANKS!

  2. Glad to help. 🙂 Please help save the Earth by passing it on.

    Actually, I am surprised by the high hits this post is getting. Looks like there really is a lot of people out there who want to cancel their Pioneer magazine, but did not know how.

    What a waste of the Earth’s resources!

  3. Actually as a Full Time Slave (NSF) you are able to opt out also – go to your S1 branch.

    I did that, only to find that I was resubscribed upon transitioning to Part Time Slavery (ORD).


  4. I think it’s too late. Now that everybody is sending in requests to cancel their subscriptions, I’m afraid that they will do something such that NONE of us can cancel anything.

    A sudden fall in a few hundred or even a few thousand subscriptions will look very bad on their record. They will not allow it to happen.

    I will bet my next Pioneer magazine automatic deduction on that 🙂

  5. Alvin

    Please get your facts right. It’s 40 cents, not 80 cents. And not everyone likes to read their magazines online. And the online version is different from the print version – but you wouldn’t know that since you cancelled your subscription years ago.

  6. I emailed to the email addresses stated on the the piece of paper that comes with the magazine to cancel. And for both magazines – Pioneer and Army News.

    Waste of paper I agree. I chuck them into the bins upon receipt, not even opening the plastic covers.

    Good luck with your cancellations.

  7. My mother has taken all those issues over the past 5 years and made ‘trays’ for fishbones, peanut shells and stuff-you-puke-away-when-you’re-eating. I think we’ll gonna find some alternative. LOL.

  8. I think they did something to the mag recently. Looks a bit flashier and more interesting. I used to junk it together with other mags liek NTUlink & SAFRA newsletters but now, it has joined the ranks of my toilet reading materials.

  9. oh look at what they replied:

    Dear Mr Chong,

    Thank you for your mail.

    Our record shows that you are an inservice personnel. Please approach your unit’s chief clerk or manpower officer who will be able to assist you in this matter. This is because we do not have the level of access to your personal data. We can only terminate subscribers’ subscription when their status has been reflected as NSman.

    Mdm Chew Keng Sun
    Circulation Manager PIONEER

    exactly 10 mths to ORD. FML.

  10. No one gives a fuck to SAF updates, who really fucking cares??
    Everytime I receive it, I transfer it straight to the dustbin.

  11. It works! You will received an email from Mdm Chew Keng Sun confirming your termination. LOL

    Damn I should have done this years back!

  12. i never got any replies despite doing this 3 times.
    i’ve also sent an email provided by the magazine itself, but haven’t got any confirmation/reply.

  13. The email address she replied me with is:

    Perhaps you can send direct. Below is the reply i got.

    Dear Mr ___,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Your PIONEER magazine subscription have been terminated as requested. The Mar 10 issue will be the last magazine you will be receiving. Even though you have terminated your PIONEER subscription, you can still read PIONEER and keep in touch with the happenings in the MINDEF/ SAF by visiting cyberpioneer at

    We are constantly striving to improve PIONEER magazine and our service to you. We value your feedback and suggestions and would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete the survey form (Word document) attached. Please e-mail/fax/mail the completed survey form back to us.

    Regards and Happy New Year!
    Mdm Chew Keng Sun
    Circulation Manager PIONEER
    —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 9:04 AM
    Subject: Subscription / Circulation Matters

  14. I didnt get any reply, but my latest pay slip seems to indicate that the pioneer subscription has been taken out of my costs 😀

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