2013 is not starting well for Alvinology

Pardon the irregular updates recently.

This has not been a good year for me so far.

First, I got a letter of demand from a lawyer acting on behalf of a Ms. Cecilia Sue.

I then found out I have misplaced a card case which contains my NRIC and a freshly topped up Ezlink card among a slew of other cards. That is at least S$350 down the drain…

I lost my wallet last week, but I managed to get it back.

Yesterday, someone stole my iPhone 4S which I had bought and used for barely a year. A brand new iPhone 4S or 5 without contract is going to set me back by at least S$788.

Maybe I should take this opportunity to try using another phone brand. Any kind sponsor out there?

I hope I will have better luck after ushering in the Lunar Chinese New Year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai. 

3 thoughts on “2013 is not starting well for Alvinology”

  1. Hi Alvin,
    Well, at least (I think) you travelled around the world many times last year and managed to spend some quality time with your little one during the trip too – you take plane more than we take taxi last year !!

    re phones, Try Samsung! I don’t think the NOTE II needs any introduction. Or If you want something BIGGER (haha Note II already quite Big), wait for Note 8, gonna be unveiled this month (Feb 2013) – its actually a tablet, smaller version of the Note10.1, but it should work as a phone too

    Maybe “Dragon Tail” (end of Dragon Year – ie. beginning of 2013) your fortune not so good, but may the coming Lunar Chinese New Year bring you Good Luck and Fortune again!!

    Huat Ah !!!!!!!!

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