LG Optimus G: It’s Time to Change for Good – Part 1

Just before the Chinese New Year week, my iPhone 4S was stolen a day after I attended the Singapore launch of the LG Optimus G. I have been thinking of switching to an Android phone, seeing that it had surpassed iOS in global marketshare as the mobile platform of choice.

It must be a sign.

A sign for me to“Change For Good” and switch to a LG Optimus G running on Android:

It's time to change for good?
It’s time to change for good?
LG Optimus G unboxed
LG Optimus G unboxed

After my iPhone 4S was stolen, I have been using my wife’s old iPhone 4 in the interim. A week ago, I finally got my hands on a new set of the LG Optimus G:

I am a Mac user most of my life – I currently have an iPad, two iPod Mini, an iPod, two Macbook Pro and two iPhone 4 in my home.

Nonetheless, I am determined to attempt the switch to LG Optimus G because Apple seems to be getting too cocky and arrogant these years – think the blunder with the deletion of Google map app in iOS 6 the stupid patents they keep filing to retard the development of mobile innovation and their multiple lawsuits against competitors.

In the next few weeks, I will be documenting my transition from an Apple iOS user on iPhone 4/4S to a LG Optimus G Android user.

Going from iPhone 4/4S to LG Optimus G
Going from iPhone 4/4S to LG Optimus G

The immediate challenge for me was to get my Optimus G to sync on my Macbook Pro. I will also need to import all my contacts and data stored in iCloud and iTunes to the new phone.

Sync a LG Optimus G on a Macbook Pro? Easy.
Sync a LG Optimus G on a Macbook Pro? Easy.

The steps are easier than I thought. I will share more in my next “It’s Time to Change for Good” blog series. Stay tuned. 🙂


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