The real story of how Adelyn Hosehbo stole $10,000 worth of jewellery from her mum and got robbed by her “friends”?

Adelyn Hosehbo getting robbed by her "friends"?
Adelyn Hosehbo getting robbed by her "friends"?

This bizarre crime story surfaced in the newspapers recently:

女生偷母7000金饰 反遭2友洗劫 ( Wanbao, 21 Dec 2011)







Girl steals from mum, then gets robbed (The New Paper, 23 Dec 2011)

She was just a Primary 6 student, but her desire to own branded goods made her steal and sell her mother’s jewellery. And little did she expect that of the $10,000 she received from pawning the valuables, her friends would rob her of $7,000.

The girl, 14, had got a friend to pawn the jewellery. She then spent $3,000 to buy, among others, a Gucci bag, a Louis Vuitton wallet and Chanel perfume.

But several days later, she met up with two male friends, aged 15 and 17, at a void deck, where she was robbed of $7,000.

It recounts the tale of a 14-year-old girl who stole $10,000 worth of jewellery  from her mum to buy Gucci, LV and Chanel goodies. After pawning the jewellery for cash, the silly girl ended up getting robbed by her two male friends.

Sounds familiar?

The profile and story matches the story of how the infamous Adelyn Hosehbo had allegedly stole from her own mum.

She was not named in the news article to protect her identity as a minor, but one can easily piece the news together with her own confession on one of her multiple Facebook Accounts:

Adelyn Hosehbo: "I did not slap my mum okay (but I did stole from her)! "
Adelyn Hosehbo: "I did not slap my mum okay (but I did stole from her)! "

 This girl seriously needs some professional counseling and real friends who would give her proper advices and guidance in life than steal from her when the opportunity arises.

 Yes, she is bad, but her friends are worse.

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