The Other Side of The Coin – A China Girl’s Singapore Story

China Lass: A China Girl's Singapore Story
China Lass: A China Girl's Singapore Story

I came across this interesting blog recently, allegedly written by a China girl called Li Jing who used to work in Singapore. No, she was no a sex worker or moonlighting “pei du ma ma (陪读妈妈)”. Dispelling the stereotypes, she was just a regular helper at a neighbourhood coffee shop.

If you are wondering about the flawless English, the blog is said to be translated from her diary in Mandarin to English by Li Jing’s friend who was described as “a graduate from Malaysia I knew at my workplace and who became a good friend, teacher and mentor”.

Li Jing had returned to China in May 2010 after her work permit expired. Due to our government’s more stringent criteria in the hiring of foreign workers, she was unable to find another job and had no choice but to return home.

Li Jing’s blog seems to be the real deal to me, judging from the Chinese comment exchanges she is having with her blog readers. In her blog, Li Jing expressed her wish to work in Singapore again and is appealing for employers to contact her. At the same time, she is also appealing on behalf of her younger sister to find work here too.

It is interesting reading her blog as it helps us see things from a different perspective. Singaporeans are pissed by the heavy influx of foreigners in recent years, competing with us for jobs, houses and public space. Beyond the issue of nationality, seldom do we stop and realise that these foreigners are just like you and me too, seeking a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Blame it on the policies, blame it on globalisation. The people, whether foreigners or locals are just the ones caught in between.

Do check out Li Jing’s blog, whether you are pro- or against more foreign workers coming to Singapore. After all, we seldom get to see things from the other side of the coin (and it doesn’t hurt to do so).

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